Saturday, November 3, 2012

When Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Whether it is from Homefix Corporation or another roofing company, now is the time to replace your roof.  There are many reasons to replace your roof.  First, let me get out of the way, of course we want to earn your business and we are not afraid to ask for it.  However, we encourage you to check out the competition and compare your options.

So why now?  First, the weather is perfect for replacement right now.  Second, and probably most important, is it is far more costly to wait.  For one reason, the cost of roofing material is always going up.  The cost is directly related to the cost of oil for many reasons, including both production and transportation cost.  I have yet to have a manufacture call and say since fuel has gone down they are lowering the price, but they jump on the chance to raise it.  Fortunately, Homefix Corporation is big enough to hedge these costs.  We can buy mass amounts of shingles and materials when the price is low and sell it at that price when it is high.  This keeps us a step ahead of the competition.  Third, this time of year all contractors, not just us are willing to take a bit lower cost.  So it is not a mistake to shop.  Fourth, you need to beat the storms. Everyone knows this, if you do not order soon it will be impossible to get your roof replaced by a high quality certified roofer.

The most important reason is that every day you wait, the damage underneath the surface of your roof increases.  It may be a $20,000 dollar project today with $3k in rotted wood and a $22,000 project in March with $7k in rotted wood and $500 in drywall damage.

Thank you, and I look forward to looking at your project.

Homefix is a master elite installer and we welcome you to call us at 703 383 0400.  Homefix Corporation is located at 10301 Democracy Lane Suite 203 Farifax VA 22030.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Homefix Deals

Homefix Corporation has placed multiple deals online for you to take advantage of.  Please see the many online review sites as well as advertising sites to take advantage of them  Homefix Corporation wants to beat the competition.  If you see something out there that we are not offering, please give us the chance to match or beat it.

Homefix is alway grateful for your consideration.  We may not always be able to beat every price out there since we have very highly paid labor, but we will be honest and explain why.  Remember, you do not want a general day laborer installing your windows, siding or roofing.  Our replacement window installers are all factory trained, our siding installers go through the Vinyl Siding Institute training, and our roofers are all Master Elite Certified roofers.  Due to this expertise, we pay them what they deserve.  If this is not what you are looking for we understand, but we will try to never be beat on product pricing.  After all, we are bigger than about 98% of the private remodelers out there; we should be able to offer a very competitive price.

Thank you,

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Friday, August 10, 2012

A Quick Thank You From Homefix

Our teams had a great week.  I am very proud of the Homefix Corporation installation teams because I am seeing an upswing in the amount of positive reviews we are getting.

It is imperative that we leave every customer happy.  Unfortunately, unforeseen things sometimes happen in the construction industry. However, the reason customers invest a premium in a company like Homefix is that, when problems arise, we never run.  We respond to every single one.

We just had a job come across my desk with a 20 year old issue and we gladly serviced it.

Please call me at 703 383 0400 and time with your comments review or issues.  I will never stop till I exhaust everything I can do to resolve the issue.  As always, on behalf of Homefix Corporation, I thank you for continuing to put your trust in us.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HomeFix Corporation Master Elite Roofing System

Why should you use a Master Elite Roofer? First and foremost, for the piece of mind. HomeFix Corporation is proud to be among the nations very few and very select group of GAF Master Elite Contractors.

What this means is that we were selected to apply for this special club of extraordinary contractors by the Master Elite program.  HomeFix Corporation was chosen because we had years of experience and a proven track record to be able to live up to the expectations and install roofing systems. The Master Elite program must be careful who they choose because they are standing behind the work that their certified contractors do. Our installers went through rigorous training and testing to be able to install our roofing system, and because of this, Master Elite knows that roof was installed properly and therefore they can guarantee it for life under warranty, including our labor.

In order to be Master Elite we have to use very specific materials and highly qualified labor. This automatically makes us more expensive than many roofers before we even price the job. So, why do we remain Master Elite?

Many reasons, but the simplest of which is we know that our customers in the Fairfax and Baltimore areas look for quality in their contractors. We feel that being able to offer a customer a product that they can know is guaranteed by a third party, GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in the world, means that not only are you guaranteed to get top notch products, but guaranteed to get grade A installers, as well.

I personally think that what customers really want is piece of mind. HomeFix could make a lot more profit by offering the same as everyone else out there and marking it up. Instead, we offer a superior product at less markup.  We feel that this will enable us to capture the attention of the customers we are looking for-- the ones that want the job done right.

We just installed a new roof for a customer who had a roof put on just a few years ago. The previous contractor used sub par materials, and the roof literally collapsed in on him and his wife while they were eating dinner. You can watch his testimonial on the HomeFix Corporation YouTube page.

Choosing Master Elite is like using certified parts in your car.  If you take a car to the dealership you know you are getting factory certified parts. Yes, you could save a few bucks at the gas station down the street, but who knows what is being put in your car.  When HomeFix Corporation installs a new roof, you do not judge if we did a good job by whether or not your roof fails.  You know 100% the moment you contract with us that only certified labor and certified materials will be used on your roof, and that both Master Elite and HomeFix will stand behind that roof for life.

You can find more information about Master Elite Roofing in the HomeFix Weekly Review.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Homefix Adding Stone Accents and Cedar Shake to Exterior Remodeling and Siding jobs

One of the places that many people in the home improvement industry fall short is offering a total design package for the exterior of our customers' homes.   At HomeFix Corporation, we have the fortunate job of providing many products that people need for their home, but not often enough do the representatives offer the products that our customers may want.

HomeFix Corporation offers windows, roofing and insulation, that in today's day in age, with today's energy costs, are simply imperative. Homes built in the 80's and before must upgrade these products for purposes of not wasting money on energy and repair bills in the future.  Avoiding these improvements can lead to catastrophic loss in the future.  However, Homefix Corporation also offers many exterior products that can appeal to the wants of our customers.  While it may take a little more time and effort to show these products,  we would be doing a disservice by not showing them.

The most dramatic and effective of these choices is adding a stone or cedar shake facade to a portion of someones home . This small and relatively inexpensive step can literally alter the appearance of someone's home entirely.  Adding these accents to a vinyl siding job, or just adding to your current home and existing siding, can increase the resale value, curb appeal, and most importantly how the current homeowner feels about his or her own home.  Just look at the pictures below, and picture your home going through these same transformations.

Please feel free to contact Homefix Corporation at 703 383 0400 for a consultation, or with any questions.  
Thank you

Monday, June 4, 2012

Homefix Corporation Strives for Only Raving Fans

I wanted to once again Commend Gabe for his commitment to excellence in customer service and dedication to keeping Homefix Corporation number 1 in reviews, ratings and happy customers, please read below to find anther positive review of Homfix Corporation/s roofing installers and Gabes service.  Thanks again to all of our staff.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HomeFix Corporation: A Special Thanks to a Customer

I wanted to thank our valued customer Ms DeCarion for taking the time for write such a wonderful note.  I also wanted to give a special thanks to Gabe for obviously taking care of his customer cause that is what it most important.  Thank you!

 Dear Gabriel,

     I wanted to thank you and all of the folks at Homefix for my wonderful new roof! From the first moment I have met with a very
 professional team and both you and Nick have been great answering my many questions. The installation went extremely smoothly
 despite out weather delay. My thanks to the crew who took such great care in protecting my garden which surrounds my house,
 no easy feat when removing one old roof and putting a new one on.
     Thank you for making the entire process, including financing so very easy. It seemed like one easy step and voila everyone was
 set up ready to go.
     My neighbors have all been by to compliment the color and appearance of the ME Weather looks fabulous and with all
 of our recent rain, I'm secure in its being weather-tight and beautiful!!
     Thank you for doing such a great job!  I will be recommending Homefix to everyone who needs a new roof system.
     Beryl DeCarion

Customer reviews are also featured on the HomeFix Corporation Reviews website.